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8 October 2021

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In this video we talk about what is happening at Elamant, our better-than-ever infrastructure and the shift from big data to Ed-Tech. With over 80 000 courses, numerous events and our launch in the United States, we want you to join the momentum we are experiencing right now.

In fact, we are so excited that we are giving away $500 scholarships, guaranteed and in cash!

Watch the video to find out how you can start today and become more.

Video Transcript

You have been invited for a special one-time offer that we’re going to be showing you at the end of this video. So stay tuned throughout the entire video so we can go over the special details. Don’t go anywhere, you don’t want to miss out on this special promotion.

All right. So, what is happening at Elamant? A lot of people ask this question. It’s like: “Hey, is Elamant still going?” Yes, and we are better than ever. As a matter of fact, we have got a solid infrastructure with our software. People may not have known this, but now you can see many different things in our back office that you probably haven’t seen before. We’re the same company that you know, love and trust. We changed the logo a little bit, kept the same name, changed the focus of our product from big data collection to an Ed-Tech company where we focus on education. But not just any education.

Wouldn’t you agree that emotions matter? Soft skills also matter. It separates you in the job interview from other people.  You are receiving this email, landing page and video because you may have at one time been an Elamant member and you’re no longer active in our company. Now when you re-enroll with our program, you are going to see a number of different things that have changed. Our back office is completely redesigned and easier to use – not only on mobile but on your computer as well. We have lots of things that are happening every single week with events going around. We have now opened and launched in the United States. We are everywhere and we want you to be here with us for the momentum that we are experiencing right now.

We not only have the best in soft skills training where you have actual courses that you get to sit down and complete. Over 80 000 courses in our library – but we also have hard skills training. If you want to learn the whole Microsoft suite – whether it’s Office or Powerpoint. You maybe want to brush up on your skills on Photoshop, learn how to program maybe, or even build your own mobile app. We have the training for you. You have the ability to select your own learning path. That’s actually kind of cool, because not every learning center allows you to do this.

Not only do we empower people with the skills that matter most, but we make sure that you have the certification that you could take to your employer to get a promotion, or you can use it for a new job that you’re looking to get. Or even have enough skills to start your own business. We do this to make sure that you succeed.

Elamant changed its product focus but we didn’t change our heart. We knew one thing: in order to be an unstoppable force we gotta work on our emotions. Take as many courses you need to help you succeed, and become that next level of unstoppable power we know you are. Through our platform not only do we have training, not only do we have soft skills and hard skills, courses that you can take, we have live Mastermind events where you can get on, live, see the new guest speaker of the week.  We will have that person talking about a topic in their field – whether it’s a doctor, a lawyer, a business owner or even a spiritual leader – these are the type of things that we have for you. I didn’t even mention the travel portal. I didn’t even mention all the savings and discounts that you can get through that. Even though some companies have that as their standalone product, but we do have that. 

Now, how does a $500 scholarship bonus work? Here’s how it is. Yes, there are no gimmicks or tricks, you can withdraw this $500 at the end of the promotional period. Here’s how it works. All you do is register your account for $99, take five of our courses every single month and stay active for six months. When you stay active, not only will you get all the training and certifications, save thousands of dollars on your travel and your shopping and things like that if you use our travel portal, you are going to get mentorship training. You are going to get all the benefits. At the end of that six months, if you do not go inactive and you’ve done five courses a month, we are going to give you $500 dollars that you can withdraw, just as a thank you saying “Hey, we appreciate you trying our program out. Here you go.” And you can put that in your bank account. We actually pay that in Bitcoin and we now go directly to Coinbase which is in the United States and Luno as well as Blockchain. So if you have a Bitcoin address you can get that in your wallet. This is just a thank you and to show you for the next six months. Watch us for the next six months. Be with us, help us, support us, critique us and learn more. Because when you learn more you become more. When you become more you can not only change your life, but the lives of everyone around you. Now it’s time for you to go out there, be unstoppable.

Welcome back, thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video and, listen, this is a limited time offer. We are ending this offer at the end of October. That means October 31st 2021 this offer is no longer on the table for you. So be sure and get started today.

WB001 Terms and Conditions

  • Upon renewal or activation during this promotional period a total of $500 will be IMMEDIATELY deposited into the member’s E-wallet in “pending” status
  • The member must have been inactive prior to 1 October 2021
  • This promotion is only valid throughout the month of October 2021
  • The member must ENROLL and RENEW as a premium member and maintain an active membership for 6 membership cycles without interruption
  • The member must complete a MINIMUM of 5 courses per membership cycle.
  • The member may select courses from any of the Elamant library of 80,000+ courses
  • $500 will be automatically released from “pending” status and fully deposited into the member’s E-wallet for immediate use or withdrawal after 6 membership cycles