28 September 2021

Why did Elamant change its product focus?

Since the beginning of Elamant, the goal has always been education and empowering people through our Consultant Program – a workforce of skills with people that would educate, train and support its members, while Elamant has been regarded by others as an MLM or being sales driven.  People were sent into the market, and they were growing teams and had to conduct conferences, webinars and Powerpoint presentations without the additional skills that they needed. 

the goal has always been education and empowering people through our Consultant Program

Over time we have noted the rise of ed-tech as the Coronavirus Pandemic has shown that education in technology is rising.  People are working from home more than ever before and are able to learn from home.  With ed-tech on the increase, we anticipate that it will double over the next five years.  Elamant sees an opportunity to be involved and being on the cutting edge of every innovative idea, education has been a logical decision to move forward.

What is Elamant?

A lot of people ask, What is Elamant?  It is to empower people with the skills that matter most.  Soft skills, emotional intelligence training and the ability to manage emotions, which will separate your success from the success of other people.  People have to focus on building their emotional intelligence, increase their communication skills, focus on leadership training and conflict resolutions.  All these soft skills training will be provided on our membership benefits platform.

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Is Elamant an MLM?

The simple answer is no.   Elamant is not an MLM as it is operated differently from an MLM.  People are allowed to refer by word of mouth or network marketing.  By word-of-mouth advertising, their team will grow.  Instead of having a salesforce, people will be able to have a workforce where they are paid per hour for their skills for the education, training and support provided to the members of Elamant.  When Elamant was started in 2017, it looked at the MLM model but because sometimes one successful person who recruits a massive team and subsequently convey their great success to others, does not mean that the majority will be able to duplicate the achievement, because they don’t have the skills. The successful person is under the impression that everyone can just do it.  They make it look so easy because they have the skills. That is one detriment found in the flawed business model of an MLM.    A product might lose focus by building a big recruitment team as some people recruit for the sake of recruiting, to recruit for the sake of recruiting.  This means that no product or service are being exchanged, which puts it into the Pyramid scheme territory.  These have been the considerations when Elamant was initiated and the decision was to utilize the necessary assistance by means of a support team of people speaking different languages to help with social skills, to explain the product, to educate and train members. 

A person who has 12 or more members in their team to support will allow them 5 hours per week, at 20 dollars an hour to turn in, to support our team, educating them, helping them walk through their backoffice. 

Educate. Empower. Elevate.

WB001 Terms and Conditions

  • Must complete 5 courses for 6 Months.
  • The Scholarship will immediately be deposited into the E-Wallet in a PENDING state.
  • Once courses are completed the scholarship will unlock
  • Inactivity or failure to complete the courses will result in the promo being disqualified.

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