Categories: Consultant Program, May 10th, 2021 Transition Details

Refer to Elamant Policies and Procedures v5.0 (Clause 15.0 – Legacy Wallet) 

Legacy Customer – Any Elamant Member (whether active or inactive) at the time of system transition 15 April 2021. This does NOT apply to a terminated Member.

This is a courtesy account for legacy customers which will contain membership extension credits, legacy EWallet credits (monetized and non-monetized), legacy data points, legacy renewal points, and legacy bonus points for utilization on legacy wallet milestone promotions (e.g. loyalty bonus, rank up bonus, fast start bonus, learning and development bonus). The funds in this account are non-transferable to any other member account and can only be withdrawn in accordance with legacy wallet milestone promotion terms and conditions as issued by the Company from time to time.