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Refer to Elamant Policies and Procedures v5.0 (Clause 12.0 – Founder and Consultant Program) 

Refer to Elamant Independent Contractor Agreement v5.0 

Elamant has adopted a unique and innovative 2-part Compensation Program. This program enables Premium Members to earn a direct commission for referring up to 3 Members, and earn hourly compensation for the services they provide for the Company. The Elamant compensation program comprises two separate parts: (1) the Founder Program, and (2) the Consultant Program. 

Premium Members may be rewarded with a direct sales commission by the Company by personally sponsoring individuals to join Elamant as a Premium Member. Once qualified, the qualified Member will receive an instant direct sales commission of $33 USD paid to the Pending section of the EWallet. The commission will be released from ‘Pending’ status after 2 weeks from the initial day of sponsorship. The qualified Member may earn a direct sales commission for up to 3 directly sponsored members totaling $99 USD maximum ($33 each) per membership cycle. A Founder may choose to enroll more Premium Members, but will only earn direct sales commission for up to three (3) Active Premium Members at one time. A Founder may continue to earn a recurring commission every cycle that their direct Premium Member (or Members) stay active.