Category: Consultant Program

Know Your Customer (KYC) is an aspect of due diligence that deals with the precise identification of customers. To protect the company and our customers from fraud, all customers who qualify for any financial transaction on the platform are required to pass KYC.  This process may involve submitting personal information like a national ID, passport, proof of residence, and other information for the purpose of validating customer identity.  Elamant has partnered with an enterprise-grade KYC provider that provides verification in 60 seconds with a 98.67% accuracy rate with global coverage – 3000 ID templates, 230+ countries, and 150+ languages.  We outsource this process to provide an additional layer of due diligence and security to our customers. 

We have 2 steps of KYC that we will require our customers, founders, and consultants to complete.

  • The first level of KYC is Email Verification. This is required to send important updates regarding your account and to provide an entry level of KYC that we have a validated contact for our customer.
  • The second level of KYC is required for anyone utilizing the Business Center and Ewallet. These members MUST successfully complete the full KYC as mentioned above from our 3rd party company before withdrawing from the Ewallet into BTC or Elamant Crypto Wallet.