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Elamant is an Ed-Tech company with a comprehensive member benefits program. Our three-tier membership subscription model offers Basic, Standard, and Premium level access, catering for the casual learner seeking a learning culture for personal development, career professionals seeking advancement, and a comprehensive Business Learning Center for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and career professionals.

A complete outline of the inclusions for each membership tier can be located here!

As an overview, our members can gain access to:

  • over 75,000 exclusive industry-leading hard skill and soft skills courses access to Soft Skills Trainer Certification Pathway
  • Elamant Consultant Program
  • Consultant Certification Pathway
  • Elamant Founders Commission
  • Elamant Crypto Wallet
  • Elamant Paycard (if available)
  • Discounted Travel Portal
  • Elamant VIP Mastermind Coaching
  • Elamant VIP Support Center
  • Discounted VIP Training Events
  • Elamant Business Center
  • Backoffice Toolkit
  • Access to the Elamant VIP Pilot Program

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