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A first-time Elamant Member may cancel his or her membership for ANY reason within 72 hours (3 days) if membership is paid with a Credit/Debit card and receive a full refund to the Credit/Debit card used to complete the membership purchase.*    

*This refund guarantee applies to new membership enrollments paid by credit/debit card only. Once the refund is processed, the system will terminate the membership. There are no refunds if payment is made using Bitcoin (BTC) or other forms of cryptocurrency. There are also no refunds or exchanges on Elamant Premium Codes. All bulk order sales of Premium Codes paid to the Company are final with no refunds or exchanges.  

A Key is an encrypted, unique digital code that is used for the purpose of activating or renewing a membership.  The Key will extend membership for 28 days of Premium membership. The customer will have access to all Premium membership benefits. This code may be purchased directly from the Company using one of the approved Payment Options or from the EWallet

To be “Qualified” for a withdrawal, a Member, Founder, or Consultant must meet or abide by the following terms and conditions. All crypto payments will be made in Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Member must have an ACTIVE Premium Membership subscription – If a withdrawal request is pending or if the membership goes inactive, is terminated, or is suspended before the day of processing, the transaction will be canceled and funds credited back to the EWallet.   
  • A withdrawal request may be submitted at any time, but payout processing occurs every Monday. The withdrawal request will be processed by 5pm USA (Central Standard Time / GMT -6) on Monday of every week.  
  • There may only be 1 withdrawal request submitted at a time.  
  • The minimum withdrawal amount for a request is $20.00 USD and only in increments of $20.00 USD. For example, if there is $327.00 USD in the EWallet, you may only be eligible to request $320.00 USD for withdrawal.   
  • A transaction fee of $5.00 USD will apply to each withdrawal.   
  • An additional 2% service and processing fee will apply for each withdrawal.   
  • The Member MUST have correctly completed and passed KYC validation before the Crypto withdrawal request is processed if they have exceeded the total amount of $5,000 USD for the year.  
  • The maximum withdrawal amount per week allotted depends on the qualified service level of the Member, Founder, or Consultant. (Please refer to “Weekly Withdrawal Limits By Service Level”  https://elamant.com/legal/policies-and-procedures/.)  

Refer to Elamant Policies and Procedures v5.0 (Clause 16.0 – EWallet) 

This is the account to which all approved hourly service fees, Founders commissions, and other bonuses are deposited. The funds in this account are non-transferable to any other member account directly, but funds in the EWallet may be withdrawn weekly in Bitcoin (BTC). This account is made up of two (2) parts: (1) the “Approved” status, and (2) the “Pending” status.   

The EWallet account holder may request to withdraw into BTC at any time, however, the payout will be processed every Monday. For more information on Crypto withdrawals, see the section “Terms & Conditions for Crypto Withdrawals” .

Refer to Elamant Policies and Procedures v5.0 (Clause 12.0 – Founder and Consultant Program) 

Refer to Elamant Independent Contractor Agreement v5.0 

Elamant has adopted a unique and innovative 2-part Compensation Program. This program enables Premium Members to earn a direct commission for referring up to 3 Members, and earn hourly compensation for the services they provide for the Company. The Elamant compensation program comprises two separate parts: (1) the Founder Program, and (2) the Consultant Program. 

Premium Members may be rewarded with a direct sales commission by the Company by personally sponsoring individuals to join Elamant as a Premium Member. Once qualified, the qualified Member will receive an instant direct sales commission of $33 USD paid to the Pending section of the EWallet. The commission will be released from ‘Pending’ status after 2 weeks from the initial day of sponsorship. The qualified Member may earn a direct sales commission for up to 3 directly sponsored members totaling $99 USD maximum ($33 each) per membership cycle. A Founder may choose to enroll more Premium Members, but will only earn direct sales commission for up to three (3) Active Premium Members at one time. A Founder may continue to earn a recurring commission every cycle that their direct Premium Member (or Members) stay active.   

Refer to the new website walkthrough at https://elamant.com

Elamant is an Ed-Tech company that equips the member and students with the best tools and educational courses to ‘Become More’. Our three-tier membership subscription model offers Basic, Standard, and Premium level access, catering for the casual learner seeking a learning culture for personal development, career professionals seeking advancement, and a comprehensive Business Learning Center for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and career professionals.

A complete outline of the inclusions for each membership tier can be located here!

As an overview, our members can gain access to:

  • NOW with over 83,000+ exclusive industry-leading hard skill and soft skills courses
  • Elamant Consultant Program – To Earn per hour while you LEARN!
  • Elamant Founders Commission – Get Paid for Referring direct sales
  • NEW! Payouts Directly in BITCOIN to Luno, Coinbase, or any external wallet
  • Discounted Travel Portal
  • Deals and coupons to leading restaurants
  • Elamant LIVE! Mastermind Coaching
  • Elamant LIVE! Support Center and Ticketing system
  • Discounted VIP Training Events
  • Elamant Business Center
  • FAST and Mobile friendly back office!

No, Elamant is not an MLM company. Elamant’s revenue is derived from a traditional B2C (business-to-customer) business model, which refers to “the process of selling products and services directly between a business and consumers who are the end-users of its products or services” (Kenton 2021). 

Through Elamant’s Earn-as-you-Learn program, customers are also provided with an opportunity to utilize the soft and hard skills they acquire and provide bona fide business services back to the Company through an Independent Contractor Agreement

Click this link for more information on a B2C business  

model: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/btoc.asp 

Refer to https://elamant.com/legal/  

Further details in relation to Elamant portal terms of use, privacy, and member policies and procedures are available on our website via www.elamant.com/terms-of-usewww.elamant.com/privacy-policy, and www.elamant.com/policies-and-procedures.