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On Signup/Renewal, use promo code LE1000 | On completion we pay $1000 to your Pending Wallet

Stay Active for 6 Months, and complete 5 Courses each month to maintain an active status.

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Our Mission


If you’re ready to gain high-income skills and emotional intelligence from the convenience of your mobile device, you’ve come to the right place. That’s right. It couldn’t be easier to start your journey to success with our world-class, cutting-edge, video-based instruction. What are you waiting for?


Would you consider yourself a leader? Become one when you become more. Empower yourself AND others by earning certifications that have been proven to enhance your social life, relationships, and career. When you’re done, you’ll be eager to pass it on…and you’ll earn from it!


To elevate your career, your life, and your business, you must FIRST elevate your skills! Our learning and earning atmosphere allows you to improve personally and professionally while equipping you with the tools to help others do the same!

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