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Questions & answers

Elamant is an Ed-Tech company with a comprehensive member benefits program. Our three-tier membership subscription model offers Basic, Standard, and Premium level access, catering for the casual learner seeking a learning culture for personal development, career professionals seeking advancement, and a comprehensive Business Learning Center for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and career professionals. 

A complete outline of the inclusions for each membership tier can be located Here!

As an overview, our members can gain access to:

  • over 75,000 exclusive industry-leading hard skill and soft skills courses
  • access to Soft Skills Trainer Certification Pathway
  • Elamant Consultant Program
  • Consultant Certification Pathway
  • Elamant Founders Commission
  • Elamant Crypto Wallet
  • Elamant Paycard (if available)
  • Discounted Travel Portal
  • Elamant VIP Mastermind Coaching
  • Elamant VIP Support Center
  • Discounted VIP Training Events
  • Elamant Business Center Backoffice Toolkit
  • and the ability to participate in the Elamant VIP Pilot Program

Yes, absolutely. Group soft skills training packages are available through our Premium Membership subscription. Please contact us at support@elamant.com to speak with one of our agents about having Elamant customize a solution to meet your organizations’ soft skills training and development requirements.

No, Elamant is not an MLM company. Elamant’s revenue is derived from a traditional B2C (business-to-customer) business model, which refers to “the process of selling products and services directly between a business and consumers who are the end-users of its products or services” (Kenton 2021).

Through Elamant’s Earn-as-you-Learn program, customers are also provided with an opportunity to utilize the soft and hard skills they acquire and provide bona fide business services back to the Company through an Independent Contractor Agreement.

Click this link for more information on a B2C business model: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/btoc.asp

Yes! One of the good things about the way our membership subscription works is we do not have any “auto-debit” function that automatically takes the payment out every cycle. We want our customers to continue to see enough value each month to make the conscious decision to pay. A member may cancel their subscription by non-renewal and the membership will enter ‘inactive’ status at the end of their current paid membership cycle. 

Elamant has partnered with enterprise training providers and through the exclusive Elamant Learning Center it offers a variety of courses in over 40+ languages. The Elamant Business Center portal has been customized through the power of Google Translate and is available in 100+ languages via a simple click of a button.  In partnership with industry learning and development content creators, we are continuing to build our Learning Center to add more and more soft skills and hard skills courses in many more languages. 

We welcome your questions!  You can reach out to our dedicated support agents at any time via support@elamant.com for further questions. All active customers have access to our dedicated back office Support Center for a comprehensive list of Q&A and member resources about KYC, Elamant CryptoWallet, new user registration, password resets, and much much more.

Further details in relation to Elamant portal terms of use, privacy policy, and policies and procedures are available on our website via https://elamant.com/legal

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