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Our Mission:

"To empower the global community through high-income skills and emotional intelligence."

Elamant began in 2017 with the focus on providing the most innovative membership platform while creating opportunities for consultants to earn from the services and skills they provide to the company.

Over the years, Elamant has transformed into a full ED-Tech company with a comprehensive member benefits program. The Elamant Business Center and Educational software is a mobile-friendly and data-driven ecosystem that encourages members to gain high-income skills and earn credentials to advance their professional and entrepreneurial endeavors.

 If you desire to obtain high-income skills with a United States-based educational enterprise, then your membership will help you achieve your goals by earning soft skills certifications. You can start your journey to success from the convenience of your mobile device with world-class, cutting-edge, video-based instruction!

Imagine generating additional money simply by connecting your network to life-changing, career-building skills. You can empower yourself and others by earning certifications that have been proven to enhance your professional goals. Your friends, family, and colleagues will want to follow your lead!

To elevate your career, your life, and your business, you must first ELEVATE your skills! Our learning and earning ecosystem allows you to improve personally and professionally while equipping you with the tools to help others do the same!

Why choose us

We love what we do!

Engaging Video Instructions

Most lessons are delivered in high-quality video segments of 8 Minutes or Less! We have found video instruction is more impactful than reading books for most people. We have tailored most of the training into exciting and engaging video than

Learn at your own pace!

Take the courses you need on-demand from your mobile phone or laptop anywhere in the world! “Grow on the Go!” You can take training courses and earn soft skills certifications at any time day or night.

LIVE Mastermind Sessions

Get real-time training from the very best in business, spiritual mentors, educators, and government leaders! Surround yourself with successful mentorship and you will be in the best environment to achieve that next step in your journey of success!

Fast Growing Community

With now more than 300,000 registered customers on our platform, you will be a part of a growing international community! More members will mean more support, training, and community collaboration in an area near you!

The Time is Now!

The ED-Tech industry will nearly double in the next 5 years!

Web design training
Photography training
Programming / Coding education
Soft skills / Emotional Intelligence education

Seventy-seven percent of graduates and 80 percent of employers agree that soft skills are important for success at their organizations.*

* Research conducted by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

"Always look to build Great people. Great people build Great business." - Ryan Evans

The only way to create great things every day is with great people who truly enjoy their job, so we make sure to only hire the best.

Our Team

Meet the people behind the vision

Ryan Evans

"Since the beginning, Elamant has proven its strong commitment to product innovation, personal development, and opportunity. We will always strive to have the very best products, services, and opportunities for people seeking to become more!"

Vanessa Ashlock

"Our customers are why we exist. Our daily commitment is to exceed our customer expectations through corporate social responsibility, strong corporate governance, exceptional service, quality, and value."

Doug Mendl

Technology Director
Doug is a senior member of the leadership team and brings over 20 years of experience in managing technology innovation and software engineering projects with extensive hands-on experience. Doug is leading Elamant product design, engineering, analysis, and testing to build a scalable platform that meets international information security compliance and quality assurance standards.

Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr

Advisory Counsel
President: National Baptist Convention of America, Inc. (NBCA is comprised of over 4,000 US Churches and over 3.5 Million Members)

President: North American Baptist Fellowship (NABF is comprised of over 55,000 Churches totaling more than 19 Million Members)

Dr. Melva K. Williams, Ph. D

Advisory Counsel
Vice Chancellor Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, South University, LA


Dr. D.L. Wallace

Advisory Counsel
President and CEO
Success Training Institute

Our Membership Tiers

Choose the plan BEST for you!

For the full list of terms, features, and additional details on each membership level plan, click HERE!


Elamant Membership
$ 29
every 28 days
  • Elamant Customer Portal
  • Learning Center Basic
  • Crypto Wallet Basic
  • Elamant Paycard (plus $69.95 fee)
  • Discounted Training Events
  • Support Center Basic


Elamant Membership
$ 99
every 28 days
  • Elamant Customer Portal
  • Business Learning Center
  • Crypto Wallet Premium
  • Elamant Paycard (plus $29.95 fee)
  • Discounted VIP Red Carpet Events
  • VIP Support Center
  • Elamant Travel Portal
  • Business Center Backoffice Toolkit
  • Soft Skills Trainer Courses
  • Consultant Program
  • Consultant Certification Pathway
  • "Founders" Commission
  • LIVE VIP Mastermind Coaching
  • Elamant VIP Pilot Program
Best Value


Elamant Membership
$ 69
every 28 days
  • Elamant Customer Portal
  • Learning Center Standard
  • Crypto Wallet Standard
  • Elamant Paycard (plus $49.95 fee)
  • Discounted Training Events
  • Elamant Travel Portal
  • Support Center Standard

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