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Mission Statement, Vision, and Values: What Are They?

Why should consumers choose your business or organization over the others? Have you ever really sat down and thought about it? If you had to answer this question, you would probably say that your product or service can bring more value than the competition. But what do today’s consumers really care about? Surprisingly, going hand…

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4 Things You Should Never Say in an Interview

Your next big interview is around the corner, and you’ve scanned Google for all of the tips you can get. While you’ve learned a lot about formulating the perfect answers to the most popular questions, you don’t feel one-hundred percent ready. That’s why we’ve taken a different approach! We’ve done the research and compiled all…

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5 Best Practices for Effective Onboarding

You’re hiring a new team member. How exciting! The steps you take next will be extremely important in setting the tone for not only their experience with your business but your business’ experience with them. Here are 5 best practices for effective onboarding. Reach Out Ahead of Time No new hire wants to show up…

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Negativity is COSTING you MONEY!

Negativity in the workplace is far more detrimental than you might think! In fact, a study led by the U.S. Bureau of Labor found that it is costing businesses around three billion dollars a year! What many are failing to realize is that although it can’t be completely eliminated, it can definitely be reduced with…

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How To Boost Your Confidence In The Workplace

Confidence is key – especially in the workplace! A study led by Indeed even found that 98% of employees say they perform better when they are confident. Today, we’re going to offer some helpful tips.  Always Stay Learning If you are constantly adding new tools to your toolbox, you will always feel valuable in your…

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6 Ways to Improve Company Culture

The success of a business starts from within – and if you’re not sure what that means, you may need to reevaluate. You can’t run a business without a tight-knit group of passionate individuals standing behind it. And if you have that, you know how monumental of a role it really is. Let’s talk about…

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6 Reasons to Invest in Your Career Right Now

Whether you’re an intern, executive, or CEO, there is always room for growth! Here are 6 reasons to invest in your career right now!  Learn Something New We’ve all heard the saying, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” This couldn’t be more true. Whether you plan on taking…

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Crush Your Video Interview With These 5 Tips

Video interviews are the next big thing – and for many, this is great news! But for some, the concept feels foreign and just plain different from what they are used to. We’re here to assure you that it’s NOT all that different, and you will absolutely crush it with these 5 tips!  Be Prepared…

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